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Masquerade London is a luxury unisex fragrance brand with the aim to captivate the mind, command attention and achieve new height of originality with our non gender specific niche fragrances. If you are looking for a top-quality fragrance store, then we are the place to visit. You can find us online where you can browse through our fine collection of high-standard perfumes to find that you can get a special gift for your friends, family or yourself. Contact us today through our contact form for more information.

Our Expertise

Our fragrances are formulated and blended with the rarest and finest quality ingredients in the industry. These are not limited to one of the most expensive and desirable ingredients in the world OUD. It is rich and sophisticated with an intoxicating musky scent that has been used for centuries. We obtain inspiration from major cities from all over the world in order to bring you that noteworthy experience, as the way you smell should not be defined by gender.

Conscious. Disruptive. Black-owned.

We cannot be confined, contained or restrained ... unless it’s in our exclusive Masquerade London bottle. We’ve always been rebels at heart, looking to redefine the luxe fragrance industry. Being a black-fronted scent company has been our greatest act of rebellion. And now it’s time for our next act - unisex deliciously sensual fragrances.


5 Benefits of Investing in a Luxury Fragrance

With the demand for high quality perfume growing steadily around the world, it’s no wonder that the global perfume market stands at around 31.4 billion dollars. The quality of the product, how scarce materials are, what makes up the storage vial, …

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