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5 Benefits of Investing in a Luxury Fragrance

With the demand for high quality perfume growing steadily around the world, it’s no wonder that the global perfume market stands at around 31.4 billion dollars. The quality of the product, how scarce materials are, what makes up the storage vial, and the ranking of the perfumer who created the blend all lead to the final cost.

Made up of water, alcohol, and synthetic ingredients, a box store perfume, or cologne is not considered a luxury fragrance. The types of fragrances that contain rare natural oils and essences, or those made by a top world perfumer are worth more.

So why should you invest in a posh scent? Continue reading for 5 reasons why you should make the purchase and how to pick out the best perfume for yourself.

1. Top-Quality Ingredients

Luxury fragrances contain only high-end products. These lead to longer-lasting smells of the perfume as they have a higher percentage of the oils used to create the final result.

Expensive blends contain multiple notes of the scent, all blended to create complex smells. They tend to be more aromatic as the pureness of the ingredients shines through. Budget perfumes, on the other hand, can be one-note.

2. A Luxury Fragrance Creates Unique Scents

Due to the complexity of these perfume scents, luxury fragrances tend to smell a little different depending on who is wearing them. Finding a mix that blends well with your natural musk and odor is harder with a basic perfume.

Some perfumes and colognes can contain pheromones and combined them with your scent and may help you smell attractive to certain people. When trying out a new perfume, get the opinion of friends or a partner because one brand might smell better to you than to others.

3. Mood Enhancing

One of the benefits of smelling nice is also the ability to reflect and affect your mood. Certain ingredients have lifting properties while others can help with balance or clarity of thought.

Citrus often has uplifting and energizing qualities. Ylang-ylang enjoys sensual properties and is often used as a base for many women’s perfumes and men’s aftershave. Jasmine has a relaxing smell and is well known in conjunction with optimism and positivity.

Vanilla is one of the most common scents used in perfumes and colognes and reflects happiness.

4. Boosts Confidence

When you find a fragrance that you enjoy, you will feel more confident when you put it on. The mindset with which you wear it can boost your morale during the day whenever you smell the specific scents that drew you to the product in the first place.

Because of their complex nature, luxury scents have more to offer as your brain registers each smell and the feeling of confidence you have as you put it on.

5. Creates and Triggers Memories

As the olfactory bulb in your brain, or your smell center, lights up, certain memories can be triggered. Since it is one of the ways we experience the world, it makes sense that even wearing a certain perfume can trigger strong memories.

A first date, an important event, or even a comforting memory from childhood can be remembered just by smells.

Smell Your Best

A luxury fragrance can be worn all day or just on special occasions to help you smell like you want to. If you can’t decide, take your time and try them all, because you deserve the best.

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